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Educational Technology Policy, Research and Outreach’s mission is to deepen understanding of the connection between research, policy and practice in the area of educational technology in the PK-20 community through advocacy, policy and leadership development.

The Policy and Research arm of Educational Technology Outreach is one of the leaders in policy and policy research in educational technology and ICT, and its wider economic, social and global implications. Our objectives are:

  • to advance understanding of the relationship between educational technology developments and society through pioneering multidisciplinary collaborations and research
  • to generate new empirical data, methods, concepts and theories which explain the role of educational technology
  • to deliver training which provides the analytical and practical skills needed to understand and respond to the educational technology challenges of the future
  • to advise those concerned with the development and implementation of educational technology policy and those seeking to manage educational technology in society
  • to work with educators, educational systems, industry, policy-makers and civil society to develop the tools and techniques needed to manage educational technology for purposes of digital equity, sustainable development, and increased student achievement and social well-being

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Papers/Reports         Top

   American Institutes for Research (1997). Technology for students with disabilities: A decision maker's resource guide.
   American Institutes for Research (2002). Integrated Studies of Educational Technology (ISET): Implementing the Technology Literacy Challenge Fund Educational Technology State Grants Program.
   Baker, E. (1999). Technology Something's Coming Something Good
   Ball, S.J. (1993). What is Policy? Texts, Trajectories, and Toolboxes. Australian Journal of Education, 13(2), pp. 10-17.
   Ball, S.J. & Bowe, R. (1992). Subject departments and the 'implementation' of national curriculum policy: An overview of the issues. Journal of Curriculum Studies, 24(2). pp. 97-115.
   Berge, Z.L. & Collins, M.P. (Eds.)(1998). Wired Together: The Online Classroom in K-12, Volume 1: Perspectives and Instructional Design. Cresskill, New Jersey: Hampton Press.
   Bimber(1998). The Death of asn Agency: OTA and trophy Hunting in U.S. Budget Policy. Policy Studies Review, 15(2/3), 203-225.
   Bowers, C.A.(1988). The Cultural Dimensions of Educational Computing. Teachers College Press, Columbia University: New York.
   Boyles, D.R. (1997). Educational Technology Policy: Questioning costs and cultural capital. Educational Foundations, Spring, pp. 84-93.
   Capacity-Building Partnerships: Improving the Evaluation of Educational Technology (10/01)
   Can Expanding the Use of Computers Improve the Performance of Small Minority- and Women-Owned Enterprises? Urban Institute
   Children, TV, Computers and More Media: New Research Shows Pluses, Minuses - NSF [Archived PDF]
   Children's Digital Media Center at Georgetown
   Children's Digital Media Center at UCLA
   Children's Digital Media Center at Northwestern
   Children's Digital Media Center at UT-Austin
   City-wide Systems of Charter Schools: Proceed With Caution
   Cohen, D.K.(1987). Educational Technology, Policy and Practice. Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 9(2), pp. 153-170.
   Colangelo, N., Assouline, S. and Gross, M. (2005) A Nation Deceived: How Schools Hold Back America’s Brightest Students
   Cuban, L.(1986). Teachers and Machines. New York:Teachers College Press.
   Culp, K., Honey, M., & Mandinach, E. (2003). A retrospective on twenty years of educational technology policy. [PDF ... RTF]
   Distance Education at Degree-Granting Post-secondary Institutions: 2000-2001 This National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) report presents data on distance education at post-secondary education institutions.
   Duran, R. P. (2000). Implications of electronic technology for the NAEP assessment.
  Education News Parents Can Use: "Preparing Students and Parents for the Digital Age", webcast The June 17, 2003 television broadcast of Education News Parents Can Use is available for viewing.
   Educational Technology News Newsletters
   E-Rate and the Digital Divide: A Preliminary Analysis From the Integrated Studies of Educational Technology
   The final report of the Web-based Education Commission. The Power of the Internet for Learning: Moving from Promise to Practice
   Fishman, B.J. & Duffy, T.M. (1992). Classroom Restructuring: What do teachers really need? Educational Technology, Research and Development, 40(3), p. 95-111.
   Fulton, K. (1997). Learning in the Digital Age: Insights into the issues the skills students need for technological fluency. Milken Exchange.
   Fulton, K., Pruitt-Mentle, D. (1998). Background Paper for the Expert Panel on Educational Technology. U.S. Department of Education.
   Getting America's Students Ready for the 21st Century: Meeting the Technology Literacy Challenge Published in 1996, the nation's first education technology plan.
   Gross, N., Giaquinta, J.B.; & Bernstien, M. (1971). Implementing Organizational Innovations: A sociological Analysis of Planned Change. New York: Basic Books.
   Implementing Randomized Field Trials in Education
   The Integrated Studies of Educational Technology (ISET)
   The Integrated Studies of Educational Technology: A Formative Evaluation of the E-Rate Program (Draft)
   The Integrated Studies of Educational Technology: Professional Development and Teachers' Use of Technology (5/02)
   Kerr, S.T. (1990). Toward A Sociology of Educational Technology. Handbook of Instructional Technology.
   Kozma, R.B. (1985). A grounded theory of instructional innovation in higher education. Journal of Higher Education, 56(3), pp.300-319.
   Landmark Study Yields First-Ever Data on Distance Education in Elementary and Secondary Schools
   Levin, D., and Darden, C. (2000). Forum on technology in education: Envisioning the future-Proceedings.
   Levin D., and Arafeh, S. (2002). The digital disconnect: The widening gap between Internet-savvy students and their schools.
   Marshall, C. Mitchell, D., and Wirt, F.(1990). Culture and Education Policy in the American States. New York: Falmer Pr. (ISBN: 1850005036)
   The Milken Institute
   Milken Exchange(1998). Enhancing the System, Changes that work. At the State Level.
  The National Technology Plan
   NCATE (1997). Technology and the New Professional Teacher: Preparing for the 21st Century Classroom.
   The Overview of From the Capital to the Classroom: Year 2 of the No Child Left Behind Act.
   A Presentation from the Department of Education's Office of Educational Technology. Students in Today's Schools.
   Rothstien R.I. & McKnight, L. (1996). Technology and Cost Models of k-12 Schools on the National Information Infrastructure. Computers in Schools 12(1-2), pp.31-57.
   Science and Engineering Indicators 2004 National Science Foundation, May 04 Report
   Schofield, J.W.(September 1995) Computers and Classroom Culture. Boston: Cambridge Univ Pr (ISBN: 052147924X)
   The second national education technology plan of the U.S. Department of Education. e-Learning: Putting a World-Class Education at the Fingertips of All Children
   SETDA National Leadership Institute Toolkit States Helping States to Implement No Child Left Behind The Toolkit is the result of the first annual National Leadership Institute (NLI)
   Smerdon, B., Cronen, S., Lanahan, L., Anderson, J., Nicholas, I., and Angeles, J. (2000). Teachers' tools for the 21st century: A report on teachers' use of technology.
   Teenagers Find Information About Sex on the Internet When They Look for It – And When They Don’t, UCLA’s Children's Digital Media Center Reports - UCLA [Archived PDF]
   Technology-related Professional Development in the Context of Educational Reform: A Literature Review (5/02)
   Theoretical Framework: e-Learning
   Trotter, A. (1997, November 10). Taking Technology's Measure. Education Week, pp. 6-11.
   Trotter, A. (1997, November 10). A Test of Leadership. Education Week, pp. 30-34
   Three Preservice Programs Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers to Use Technology: A Study in Partnerships (2003)
   2020 Visions: Transforming Education and Training Through Advanced Technologies: Facilitated by the U.S. Department of Commerce, this report lays out ways technology could transform education.
   Viadero, d. (1997, November 10). A Tool For Learning. Education Week, pp. 12-18.
   Washington Notes - From ISTE
   Waxman, H., Connell, M., and Gray, J. (2003). A Meta-Analysis of the Effectiveness of Teaching and Learning With Technology on Student Outcomes
   White, K. (1997, November 10). A Matter of Policy. Education Week, pp. 40-43.
   Wolcott, H. (1977). Teachers vs. Technocrats: An Educational Innovation in Anthropological perspective. Eugene, OR: Center for Educational Policy and Management.
   Young Children's Access to Computers in the Home and at School in 1999 and 2000 [NCTET Forum Summary] Released in March 2003, this NCES report examines young children's access to and use of computers in different settings.
   Zehr, M. A. (1997, November 10). Teaching the Teachers. Education Week, pp. 24-29.

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   Advanced Technology Program (ATP) accelerates the development of innovative technologies for broad national benefit through partnerships with the private sector.
   AERA ER & P On the Hill Briefs
   AFT Legislative Site
   American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) Policy Clearinghouse
   American Association of School Administrators (AASA)
   American Educational Research Association (AERA)
   AERA Research Policy News Archives
   American Federation of Teachers (AFT)
   Annenberg Institute for School Reform
   Baldrige National Quality Program
   Center for the Study of Teaching and Policy
   Center on Education Policy (CEP)
   The Commerce Science and Technology Fellowship Program ComSci
   Committee for Education Funding (CEF)
   Conservative Policy Institutes
   Consortium for Policy Research in Education (CPRE)
   Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO)
   CSSO State Education Agencies
   Council of the Great City Schools
   CRESST National Center for Research on Evaluation, Assessments and Student Testing: Includes Policy Briefs.
   Department of the Treasury
   E learnopedia
   EdGov white papers, tech reports and OS Technology
   EDPolicy Update
   Education and Library Networks Coalition
   Education Commission of the States Online
   Education Policy Studies Laboratory at Arizona State University
   Education Resource Organizations
   Education Week
   Educational Internet Resources
   Educational Testing Service Network (ETS)
   ERIC Clearinghouse
   ERIC Database
   ETS Policy Information Center
   ETAN's interactive Web site
   Thomas B. Fordham Foundation
   George Lucas Educational Foundation: for Policy
   GetTech A public-private partnership designed to inspire teens to prepare for the technology-driven jobs of the future.
   Go4IT, a Commerce website with information on IT training programs for adults who seek to enter the IT field or upgrade their skills, and a clearinghouse for IT training providers offering programs.
   House Committee on Education
   Human Computer Interaction Lab
   International Technology Advocates policies to advance U.S. technology leadership in the global economy.
   Legislation Information on the Internet
   Manufacturing Extension Partnership Technical and business assistance to smaller manufacturers.
   National Center for Technology Innovation: NCTI
   National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL)
   National Education Association (NEA)
   NEA Legislative Center
   National Governors Association (NGA)
   The National Information Center for Higher Education Policymaking and Analysis
   Laboratories at NIST Research in a wide variety of physical and engineering sciences, responding to industry needs for measurement methods, tools, data and technology.
   Milken Exchange on Education and Technology
   National Medal of Technology Program The highest honor awarded by the President of the United States for technological innovation.
   National Center for Education Statistics
   National School Board Association (NSBA)
   National Technical Information Service The federal government's central source for the sale of scientific, technical, engineering, and related business information NTIS, the
   NCREL's Technology in Education: Specifically Policy
   New York State Office of Technology Policy (OTP)
   No Child Left Behind
   Office of Technology Policy and Technology Administration
   The Pew Education Trust — Education
   Phi Delta Kappa (PDK)
   Progressive Policy Institute
   Public Education Network
   Pulling Together: Research and Development Resources for Rural Schools
   Regional Educational Laboratories
   Search Congressional Legislation
   Senate Committee on Education
   Space Commercialization - Promotes policies to foster the growth and competitiveness of the U.S. commercial space sector
   Tech Competitiveness Serves as an advocate for innovation in policy making at all levels of government.
   TENET K-12 Schools on the Web
   Urban Institute
   UNICEF Technology Policy Briefs
   U.S. Charter Schools Website
   U.S. Department of Education
   U.S. Department of Education Strategic Plans and Annual Reports
   U.S. Department of Education, CSRD
   UMCP Center for Information Policy
   Web Based Education Commission Archives

Journals         Top

   AERA Journals
   The Chronicle of Higher Ed
   CITE: Contemporary Issues in Technology & Teacher Education (AACE/SITE)
   Education Daily Online
   Education Policy Analysis Archives
   Educational Technology Review: International Forum on Educational Technology Issues and Applications The World's leading source of Education News.
   Education Week American Education's Online Newspaper of Record.
   Eschool News
This Week's Top Story
   Innovate - Bimonthly, peer-reviewed online periodical published by Nova Southeastern University. It focuses on the creative use of information technology (IT) to enhance educational processes in all sectors (K-12, college and university, corporate, government).
   International Journal of Technology, Policy, and Management (IJTPM)
   Journal of Computing in Teacher Education
   Journal of Education Policy
   JTATE: Journal of Technology and Teacher Education (AACE/SITE)
   Journal of Research on Technology in Education
   Learning and Leading with Technology (ISTE)
   NCREL Learning Point Magazine
   NCREL's Center for Technology Educational Technology News

Organizations         Top

   American Association of Student Administrators (AASA)
   Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education
   Association for Educational Communications & Technology
   American Educational Research Association: The Education and Research Network (AERA)
   American Federation of Teachers (AFT)
   American Institutes for Research
   American Society for Training and Development
   Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
   The Benton Foundation
   The Center for Education Reform
   Center on Education Policy (CEP)
   CEO Forum on Education and Technology
   Committee for Education Funding (CEF)
   Consortium for School Networking
   Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO)
   Council of the Great City Schools
   Department of the Treasury
   Education Commission of the States Online
   Educational Testing Service Network (ETS)
   The George Lucas Educational Foundation
   ISTE International Society for Technology in Education
   International Technology Education Association
   The Milken Institute
   National Center for Technology Planning
   National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL)
   National Education Association (NEA)
   National Education Goals Panel
   National Governors Association (NGA)
   NSBA National School Boards Association
   The Pew Charitable Trusts
   The Pew Research Center
   Phi Delta Kappa (PDK)
   RBS Research for Better Schools Technology in Math and Technology Education
   SECTQ (Southeast Center for Teaching Quality)
   Southern Education Foundation
   SREB (Southern Regional Education Board)
   Teaching, Learning & Computing Research Group
   The Urban Institute

Conferences         Top

   Cyberethics, Cybersecurity and Cybersafety Conference
   EDUCAUSE and Educause Policy
   Human Computer Interaction Seminar
   Interactive Computer Aided Learning
   International Technology Education Association
   Internet Commons Conference
   National Educational Computing Conference (NECC-ISTE)
   National Educational Technology Conference (NETC)
   Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education (SITE)

Maryland Conferences         Top

   Human Computer Interaction Seminar - held in June
   EDUCAUSE Mid-Atlantic Regional - Held Each Year in Baltimore
   Cyberethics, Cybersecurity and Cybersafety Conference (~June each year at UMD)
   UMD/OIT Teaching with Technology Conference (~April each year at UMD)
   MICCA (held each year early spring)

Maryland Advocacy         Top

   AACTE Educational Policy Clearinghouse for Maryland
   FindLaw for Maryland
   Maryland Grassroots Network Includes legislative update listserv
   Maryland Tech Council Advocacy

International         Top

   The Royal Society Policy Reports
   European SchoolNet

Listserv         Top

   EDTECH-COE - send Message with text Subscribe FirstName LastName
   Maryland Grassroots Network Includes legislative update listserv

Education Data         Top

   Economic Research Services
   Education Finance Statistics
   Forum on Child and Family Statistics
   National Center for Education Statistics
   U.S. Census Bureau
   School Improvement in Maryland - Navigate to Analyzing and Using Data
   MD School Performance Report
   MD Technology Inventory Report
   SCANS report
   Try America Fact finder or Census 2000
   Pew Internet and American Life Project
   IT workforce : Office of Technology Policy/Technology Administration
   Poverty Rates - By State and County
   Affirmative action data - By State and County
   Scientific Research on the Internet - a study (through are very own) about everything you wanted to know about Internet use and time
   UMD Libraries- Database--Sources of International Statistics on the Internet
   Minority Achievement in MD
   Science & Technology National Patterns of Research and Development Resources
   UCLA IT workforce Data Project
   Tech (relates to Tech workers and immigration)
   UMD Economic Online Resources Database
   Galileo --data broken down to crime, youth well being education etc.
   Links to other data resources like Gallup polls, international data based, economic trends etc.
   National Center of Education Statistics (NCES) (Click on Data Resources)
   Education Data Portal - You could spend days here. My favorites:
   Education Week Quality Counts (State by State)
   State-by-state data on teachers, student achievement, and state funding systems for education
   Census 2000 and Information Index for MD
   "Brief Economic Facts"
   Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation Real Property Data Search
   MD State Data Center
   Montogomery County GIS Related Links
   Enoch Pratt Demographics for MD
   Maryland Counties: Physical Features, Cultural Features and Census Data
   National Archive of Crimal Justice Data
   MD Ozone Data
   MapStats by state and county
   MD Career and Workforce Information
   Maryland/DC Breeding Bird Atlas - the maps are really the interesting part here
   Federal GIS Data
   Urban Census Data Project
   National Low Income Housing Coalition (Out of Reach)
   MD Genealogy
   MD Business Listings
   Fun Facts
   Fastats An excellent resource for basic state demographic data and data for specific health issues from A to Z from the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS)
   International data

State Technology Plans         Top

   State of Illinois Five Year Technology Plan 2002-2007

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